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Dear users

Before using this site, carefully read the terms below. Do not use this site if you do not agree to the terms below.

Use of this site in particular filling it in various forms, applications, and ordering your goods / services using this site, means your agree to the terms of this User Agreement below.

This agreement governs how Users use the site and all additional resources, featured on it, including regulates the mutual relations between users and the Site Administration.

Terms and definitions, that use in this user agreement:

Site –web-site http://g2a.fashion, including all web pages and online store interface, which administrator is FLP Amin Evgenia Valerevna.

Administration – site administration and online store http://g2a.fashion, FLP Amin Evgenia Valerevna (ITN: 2912310325, place of exercise economic activity: Ukraine, 02140, Kiev, st. Vashchenko, 7, apt. 161).

Product – clothes, shoes, accessories and other goods, presented for sale and about which information is posted on the Site.

Order – proper user request through the Site to the Seller with a request to sell a product and set of goods, which the user ordered.

Payer – the person who pays the order.

Customer – the person indicated by the Payer as being is authorized to receive the goods in according to the Order.

Offer – the information that posted on the Site about a specific product, which can be purchased by the consumer. Offer includes: information regarding the product itself, information about its price, payment and delivery methods and other conditions for the purchase of goods by the user. Conditions of the offer are determined by the Seller. The offer is not an offer but only information on possible conditions for the purchase of goods. The offer is not proposal but only information on possible conditions for the purchase of goods.

  1. General Terms of Use.
    1. The site is in particular platform for placing offers to sell goods by the seller.
    2. This Agreement is a public offer. Getting access to the materials of the Site, user thereby joins this Agreement. The user thereby join to this agreement.
    3. The site administration has a right at any time unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement. Such changes take effect from the moment of posting the new version of the Agreement on the site.
    4. The proposal on the site is not an offer. However, User after reviewing the Offer has the right to make an offer to the Seller (Sellers) by filling in order forms. The order is considered the order Form by Seller (Sellers) for purchase by the user of the relevant Goods under the conditions specified in the Offer.
    5. User understands that his offer is redirected by the Administration to the Seller, which the administration has chosen (if the Administration is not the seller). This provision in no way means that Administration acts as a seller agent and is responsible for the execution of the Order by the Seller.Offers are considered as what the Seller accepted than when the last one did the action that evidence of acceptance of the offer of the user, namely: in fact send the goods, proceeded to the rendering of related services according with the conditions, stipulated by the offer of the user.
    6. After receiving the offer of the user Seller has the right to offer to buy the Goods on other conditions than was provided for by the user's offer. In this case, the offer is considered a counter offer and must be accepted by the user. Seller of counter offer is considered to be the actual receipt by the User (Customer) Goods on conditions, condition a counter offer. The seller has the right to withdraw such a counter offer until delivery issue of goods to the Customer.
    7. Sufficient evidence of acceptance of the offer by the seller or the counter offer (that is agreement by the parties all essential terms of the sale of goods) is actual receipt and acceptance of the goods by the buyer.
    8. It is not considered acceptance by the Seller of the Offer of the user of the departure by the Seller and Administration means of electrotechnical (sms-information, email, telephone and other) or other communication Seller / Administration message about getting a customer order and about deadlines of its receipt and about goods price. This message is only receipt notification about the Seller’s receipt of the user’s offer (but not about accepting) and reproduces the terms of the offer, provided by the user.
    9. The only compensation remedy, provided to the User in case of inconsistencies actual conditions, is to provide the user (Customer) have the right to refuse to receive and adoption of the relevant Goods and to require the return of the value paid for it. The customer has the right to exercise this right until the moment documents are signed, confirming receipt of the goods (in particular, documents on the delivery of departures with the good to the Buyer).
    10. The moment of receipt and acceptance of the goods by the buyer is the moment (whichever comes first): 
      - the customer signature of the document confirming the transferring of the Goods to him, or
      - customer signing of documents by the Delivery Service,which confirms the receipt of which contained goods
      - Actual receipt by the Buyer of the Goods and customer actions that testify about the acceptance of the goods (customer received the goods and left the point of issue of goods and the like).
    11. Information about Product
      1. Information about the product is contained in the product itself, its packaging, in the shipping documents for the goods. Information about the product can be provided remotely (by phone, by posting information about the product on the Site). The user confirms his consent to receive information about the product using the means of remote communication.
      2. Upon receipt of the goods until the signing of documents, confirming receipt of the goods, Customer must read product information, contained in the goods or its packing, or in goods accompanying document. If you need more information about the product customer must contact Seller and receive the necessary information by means of remote communication until the customer accepts the goods.
      3. The price specified in the offer for the goods is indicative. On product agreed by the Parties in according article 1.4-1.7. Transactions can be changed by Seller until the issuance of the goods to the customer.
      4. In the event of a change in the price of the Goods in comparison with the agreed Parties in accordance with article 1.4-1.7. Of the Agreement, the customer is entitled to refuse to receive and accept the goods. Wherein the Customer (Payer) has the right to demand the return of funds paid for the Goods and as well as funds paid for delivery of the Goods to the Customer. Any other compensation (in particular, damages, penalty etc) Administration is not available.
    12. Limitation of Liability
      1. The conditions specified in the Offer are the preliminary conditions for the purchase of goods. Conditions of the Offer may be changed by the Administration and also after accepting the Order for execution. Specific conditions for the sale of Good by Sellers can be determining and changing by the Administration until the transfer of the Goods to the Customer.
      2. When of loss of relevance of materials (in particular the terms of the Offer) on the Site, the Administration does not undertake to update them. The administration is under no acualate liable for any damage (including but not limited to loss of profit, data or from business activity interruption), arisen resulting from use, inability to use or results from the use of this site.
      3. The seller’s liability for changes in the conditions of purchase of the Goods in comparison with those specified in the Offer is limited to that the Сustomer (User, Payer) has the right to refuse to purchase the Goods and to demand the return of the money paid for it (if they are paid).
      4. Anyway the amount of losses (material and non-property), which may be paid to the User (Payer, Customer) in connection with the violation of his rights when using the Site (in particular, due to non-fulfillment of the Order or its improper performance, other violations of user rights) in according with article 22 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, limited to ten UAH.
    13. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data. specified in the order form. When the unreliability of the data in the order led to additional costs for the seller related to the delivery of goods to the wrong address or the issuance of goods, which is not owned by the Customer, all related losses and expenses are borne assigned to the user.
  2. User Obligations 
    1. User undertakes to carefully review this Agreement and in case of disagreement with the terms immediately stop using the Site.
    2. User agrees not to take action, which can be considered as a violation of ukrainian legislation and international law in particular in the field of intellectual property copyright and / or related rights, as well as any action, that lead or may lead to disruption of the normal operation of the Site and its services.
    3. Using materials from the site without the consent of the owners is not allowed. For the legitimate use of materials on the Site, it is necessary to enter into licensing agreements (obtaining licenses) from copyright holders.
    4. When citing materials from the site including copyright works, protected links to the site are required.
    5. The user is warned that the Site Administration is not responsible for his visit and use of external resources, links to which may be contained on the site.
    6. User agrees that all materials and services of the Site or any part of them may be accompanied by advertising. User agrees that the Site Administration is not responsible and does not have any obligations in connection with such advertising.
    7. The user understands that the Seller is a separate subject that is not controlled by the administration. (if the Seller does not act as the Administration). The User is aware that the Administration has no authority to influence the fulfillment by Sellers of their obligations and / or fulfillment of the Order, as well as obligations arising after the sale of goods.
  3. Administration Obligations
    1. PE Amin E.V. undertakes to transfer the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms of delivery set out by link http://g2a.fashion/delivery.
    2. Exchange and return of goods is possible in the order stipulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights". Details of the return of the goods are indicated on the phone +38 0958566415. In case of dissatisfaction with the Product, LLC Amin E.V. or another Seller (if the product was purchased from another seller) undertakes to refund its total cost within 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the returned goods in intact form by the Seller.
    3. When exchanging and returning, the goods should be handed over unharmed and fully equipped, with the following documents attached as well:
      - application for exchange or refund, with reasons; 
      - proof of receipt of the goods.
  4. Personal Information
    1. Making an order on the Site http://g2a.fashion and / or by ticking the appropriate box on the site http://g2a.fashion before filling in your personal data, user agrees to the Administration for the collection and processing (accumulation, storage, adaptation, restoration, use, distribution, depersonalization and destruction) data, namely, in particular: surname, name and patronymic, e-mail, telephone number, address, date and place of birth, identification number, citizenship, and also gives its consent to the transfer (Spread) his data LLC NOVA POSHTA "(EDRPOU 31316718), other freight forwarding and courier organization, any banks and / or financial institutions and other third parties (without limitation) at the discretion of the PE Amin E.V. This provision is valid for an unlimited period.
    2. The source of personal data collection is information directly and voluntarily provided by the user.
    3. The owner of the personal data provided by the User is PE Amin E.V. Address: Ukraine, 02140, Kiev, st. Vashchenko, 7, apt. 161.
    4. The personal data of the user / customer is processed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the protection of personal data", The subject of personal data has the right to: know about the sources of collection, the location of their personal data, the purpose of their processing, the location or place of residence (stay) of the owner or manager of personal data or give an appropriate order to obtain this information to persons authorized by him, except as required by law; receive information about the conditions for granting access to personal data, including information about third parties to whom his personal data is transmitted; to access their personal data; receive, no later than thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, except as required by law, an answer about whether his personal data are processed or stored, as well as to receive the content of his personal data that is stored; to put forward a reasoned demand to the owner of personal data with an objection to the processing of their personal data; to put forward a reasoned demand for the change or destruction of their personal data by any owner and manager of personal data, if this data is processed illegally or they are unreliable; to protect their personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely granting, as well as protection from providing information that is unreliable or discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of physical person; complain about the processing of personal data to state authorities and to officials who are authorized to protect personal data, or to the court; apply legal remedies in case of violation of personal data protection legislation; make reservations about the limitation of the rights to process their personal data when giving consent; withdraw consent to the processing of personal data; know the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data; protection from an automated solution that has legal implications for it.
  5. Other Conditions
    1. The user has the right to designate the third person as the recipient of the purchased Goods. When the customer is obliged to indicate in the Order form, necessary to identify such a recipient and deliver the goods to him. When on the relation of the parties spread the provisions of art. 636 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
    2. In order to issue the Goods to the Buyer (including the third party - the recipient), the latter must provide an identity document (passport) upon receipt of the Goods.
    3. Upon receipt of the Goods the Buyer is obligated to put his signature in the documents confirming that he received the goods.
    4. All possible disputes arising from or related to this Agreement subject to resolution in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
    5. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment of agency relations between the User and the Site Administration, partnership relations, relationship of joint activities, personal employment or other relationships, not expressly provided for in the Agreement.
    6. Recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement as invalid or not not subject to execution does not evidence the invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.
    7. Inaction on the part of the Site Administration when of violation by any of the users of the provisions of the Agreement does not deprive the Site Administration of the right late relevant actions in defense of their interests and copyright protection of site materials, protected in accordance with applicable law. User confirms, that he is familiar with all the clauses of this Agreement and unconditionally accepts them.
    8. This agreement as well as changes and additions to it, take effect from the moment they are placed on the appropriate tab of the site http://g2a.fashion.